HES is a consulting engineering firm committed to State of the Art Design. We are dedicated to a Holistic approach encompassing Quality, Innovation, Sustainability, Customer Service, and Dependability.


Dallas, Texas


The founder, having worked for some of the largest engineering firms in the nation with 15 plus years of experience, developed a stellar vision for the company, its working atmosphere, and above all client service. HES was established near the first decade of the 21st century, and now has baseline work with nearly every health care system in the DFW and business with the architects, developers, project and program managers, and contractors associated with this community. HES work also compasses surrounding regions and other building types including science and technology, international security, mission critical, commercial, office, industrial, retail, and institutional facilities.


Our vision is to partner with clients and collaborate in a built environment to achieve mutual goals resulting in long term continuous relationships.


HES exists to serve our community and market through our vocation with ingenuity, integrity, intelligence, precision, and fidelity.


HES approaches every project with excellence and brilliance as a fresh new opportunity and innovative endeavor. We also treat every client and employee with understanding, devotion, allegiance, friendship, camaraderie, dedication, and care with all honesty.


Stewardship of the environment is chief importance. Every project is considered a sustainable project to preserve the earth’s resources: utilities, materials, energy and monetary cost.


Plumbing and Medical Gas
Technology/Communications/Low Voltage
General Engineering
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Advisory Services


Mechanical / HVAC / Medical Gas

Air for the patient is carefully examined by the engineer to deliver breath to the patient in its purity, capturing and removing foreign particles and gasses; not only into the lungs but the cleansing force to protect the patient from infection by seizing and exterminating it from the healing locale. Furthermore, proper moisture levels maintain the patient’s hydration in respiration. The control of temperature for a warm habitat attributes to blood movement to the vital organs for bodily restoration. A prescribed cool climate eliminates the growth of bacteria, overworking of vital organs, and dehydration. The regulation of temperature between certain tolerances provides homeostasis which prevents the body to be susceptible to pathogens for nosocomial infections. Life sustaining air is also administered to the patient in pure oxygen or medical air for acute concentrated needs for respiration recovery and tissue renewal. Anesthetizing air is distributed to alleviate the patient’s resistance to acute invasive operations necessary for swift recovery. Concentrated locations of waste suction are also present to remove fluid at a particular locality due to bodily overreactions during a procedure.

Electrical / Power / Lighting

Power is the energizing force that enables the physician’s ability to perform patient care outside of their human capabilities. Additionally, it energizes imaging illuminating vision into the body beyond the perception of the human eye; empowers instruments to perform patient wellness that far reaches the human hand; enlightens building illumination to aid perception that transcends the naked eye; activates building heating and cooling systems; enables dietary food serves for patient nourishment. Likewise it sustains technology and communication for proper patient care and monitoring. Power supports alarm systems that provides building annunciation and lessens the effect of catastrophe such as an unexpected and unknown fire. Visual, audible strobes, smoke control, evacuation systems, and sprinkler devices, are strategically designed to alarm and protect the patient from an unexpected and unforeseen flame.

Light provides illustrative insight to patient wellness and comforting calmness to the psyche of the patient whose immune system necessitates concentration conducive to rest and self remediation. The color spectrum location and color temperature, scenery, stages, and levels of illumination are evaluated for physician procedure and patient repose. Design includes considerations for sterile and clinical use, the patient’s soothing comfort, sensitivity, and intimacy as if the patient resides in their own home. According to our circadian rhythm, location and light projection provides a clear path of direction to nourishment, lavatory, shower, water closet, for self care, especially at night. Task lighting is distributed for patient reading, entertainment, self care, and mobility.

Plumbing / Water and Waste Management

The purpose of water on the earth is life sustaining, supporting, and nourishing. Water feeds and refreshes human and plant life in the building that enables us to be cured and return back to our vocation. Systems are designed to bring fresh cold water to the patient for vitality, nourishment, dispensing the healthcare to the patient. Hot or warm water comforts, soothes and cleanses the patient’s skin, removing harmful intruders of infection which could cause regression in the curative process. Sewer systems gather the waste at selected locations of collection safely directing all contaminants and infection outside of the healing venue to a concentrated place for executed sterilization. Building drain systems protect the building and patient from the great thunderstorms that tend to overwhelm and envelop. The division of waters sustains protection for the building and patient. Water is gathered by these drain systems and returned to the earth to cultivate its resources.

Sustainable Solutions

Not only does this high performance design apply to the people, but also to the environment. Our task is to preserve the earth’s resources in energy and utility consumption. Lean measures are taken to minimize the overuse of our earth’s treasures. Utility abundance consumed for each system is exchanged to each other for efficient use of energy being ever conscience to eliminate wasteful habits. In order to ensure sustainability for the environment and healthy living for future generations, resources are returned to the earth at their highest level of purity for sustainability. Engineering systems are commissioned, tested, measured, and verified to ensure proper building performance.

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